How we cut AWS costs across 45,000 instances

In 2007, the CloudFix team wanted to control costs while leveraging the cloud for growth and innovation. Rahul Subramaniam, CloudFix CEO and Head of Innovation at ESW Capital, realized that, first and foremost, to succeed in the public cloud, you must commit to one cloud service provider: AWS.

With our bets placed firmly on AWS, and managing 45,000 instances, there was no margin for error. But with no definitive cost control procedures in place, we were losing thousands of dollars in cloud waste. To overcome this, we developed new, cloud-specific processes that delivered operational and financial efficiencies across all instances.

These processes became CloudFix: a simple product that looks for the small optimizations that organizations do not want to waste engineering hours on. By using CloudFix to automatically find and fix AWS cost optimizations, we now save $150,000 per week on our $20M annual AWS spend. We have also built on our internal experience to bring CloudFix to other organizations, giving businesses the tools they need to manage AWS costs more effectively.

Bring the power of CloudFix to your organization

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