A Beginner’s Guide on How To Optimize AWS Cloud Costs

The future is in the cloud.

If you thought quantum physics was difficult, wait for this month’s cloud bill. You are using a service, and let’s admit, it’s hair-pullingly hard to understand the bill generated. Managing costs when the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure becomes more massive and complex by the day is not easy. Doubly true when your organization has a decentralized system of decision-making.

But does it have to be that way? Wouldn’t it be nice to decipher your AWS costs and save money on services you do not need or could better utilize?

What Is Cloud Cost Optimization?

Public cloud providers often use a “pay for what you use” model. While it seems easy to audit the services used and manage the costs, what usually happens is that the expenses spin out of control.

Cloud cost optimization is the process of understanding the cloud services you use, finding if any of them are not being utilized to the optimum, and learning how to best manage your resources such as memory, network traffic, and storage, among others.

If you have an idea, any idea, you can implement it on AWS using the services available. Can’t find the right one? Fret not because, given the pace at which they operate, AWS will be rolling out that service in a short while.

But before you sign up for yet another service, hold the reins. Think about your cloud expenses and the addition to them when you use the new service. Is it possible to manage your demand with the services you are using already? Will allocating resources even reduce your bill?

Let’s find how you can sit (or stand) and redistribute your existing facilities to save money.

Where Can You Optimize AWS Cloud Costs?

You are overspending on AWS. There, we said it. Whatever your AWS expense, it is higher than what you should be paying. And, no, you are not the only one doing it. Everyone is, and AWS knows it.

However, AWS wants you to save money. So, it gives you cost optimization tips and tricks and services that you can use.

But if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Then why aren’t they?

Because it’s not as simple as it looks. Knowing how you use AWS infrastructure can save you thousands of dollars. Nevertheless, even if you find instances where you can save, how will you cut down your costs?

The four key metrics that you should consider during your AWS budget management are your CPU, memory, disk IOPS, and network bandwidth.

For instance, if your company offers a video streaming service, you need large bandwidth to accommodate your customers’ service requests. On the other hand, for a company offering database management services, cutting down on storage is impossible.

How will you then optimize your AWS costs?

Problems With AWS Cost Optimization

Cost optimization in AWS is dependent on the instance you create with those four key metrics. You need to determine the utilization and measure optimization metrics, followed by deciding the ones to downsize. This process is a difficult task—so much so that companies would rather pay extra to AWS than work on this process.

As if this wasn’t enough, the other problem with AWS cost optimization is the lack of trained professionals. AWS is revamping the cloud as we know it. But the highly complex and specialized services require trained teams to use them. So, if your company uses 20 different AWS services, your teams need to be trained on each one.

Additionally, auditing your AWS budget may affect your production. Can your company afford that?

Let CloudFix Optimize Your AWS Cloud Costs

Do you remember that one time when you had to pack a gift at the last minute, and you ran out of tape? Never mind, you’ll just run to the stationery store around the corner and get tape, simple. Off you run, missing a sock, and enter the stationery store. The familiar stationery smell welcomes you, and you ask the store owner for tape. Cloth, PVC, double-sided, masking, polyester… The endless list of types of tape is so confusing that you are ready to send the gift without a wrapper. All you wanted was some tape!

From stationery and cupcakes to shampoo and software, the choices offered to consumers these days are immense. This is also reflected in the way we optimize AWS cloud costs. To help you with this, we developed CloudFix. Easy, quick, simple, and it won’t ask you hundreds of questions. The best part—it is easy on your organization’s pocket and reduces the AWS bill too.

What’s more, CloudFix is a low-risk and simple AWS billing analysis tool that lets you do your best work without worrying about finding AWS cost-saving opportunities and implementing them. CloudFix will find and fix cost optimizations recommended by AWS and save you thousands on AWS expenditure.

Now, that sounds like something one can do! Then why are organizations spending so much on their AWS infrastructure?

While AWS cost reduction is difficult, CloudFix makes it easy. Find out more about AWS Cost Optimizations in our eBook, “Enjoy Wasting Money with AWS?

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