Do you know why you’re wasting money with AWS? We do.

Organizations today are scared of making changes to their AWS setup. It entails ruffling feathers with the many stakeholders involved (put on your bureaucratic coat!) and trying to arrive at a decision. What they usually end up deciding is similar to cleaning a hairbrush—just let it be.

While we don’t deny that the ease with which you can add resources to your cloud environment is AWS-tastic, it also ends up making you pay a lot more than you expected. Remember that time when Adobe ended up paying $500K in a week as cloud bills? Oh, dear!

AWS enables you to do your job hassle-free and focus on your business operations. We also understand that you want to save money on your AWS costs but fear the downtime and the what-ifs.

  • Who will you ask to go back and find an optimization solution that can save some money?
  • What if you find an optimization, but it entails a major downtime?
  • What if the cloud environment breaks during optimization?
  • Will you waste precious engineering hours in finding minor optimizations that save a few dollars?
  • Do you have enough time, budget, motivation, and courage to find and fix a risky optimization?

AWS makes frequent changes to its technology, savings plans and guidelines on optimization. There is no time and expertise to keep up with the announcements. AWS issued an average of 154 new product and service announcements per month in 2019. Trying to figure out how they impact your AWS configurations, cost optimization opportunities and finding optimizations that save a significant amount is just a pain in the A*S!

And let’s not forget about the unfortunate push-pull between IT and finance teams about how to go about cloud budget management. While the developers want to develop value-adding products, the finance team wants to cut the expenses speculatively. But with the AWS dynamics in play, it becomes a difficult territory.

Were you thinking about hiring specialized AWS consultants? They indeed have the technical expertise to find savings opportunities for you, but that isn’t all. How will you realize those AWS savings? How will you get into the system and untangle the web of complex services that each seem more important than the other and are costing you a lot of money?

It will be like changing airplane engines when flying at 40,000 feet in the air—deeply frightening and fatally risky.


You do not have to be worried about AWS savings. Finding often overlooked simple optimizations and fixing them can be done in under 5 minutes with CloudFix. Instead of spending an eye-watering amount on your AWS bills, how about learning from the best? Head to our eBook “Enjoy Wasting Money With AWS?”, and start saving now!

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