Reduce EFS costs by implementing Life Cycle Management

Save up to 92% on EFS storage costs for infrequently accessed files by enabling Lifecycle Management for your file system.

When to apply this fix

Industry research and customer analysis shows that on average, 20 percent of files are actively used and 80 percent are infrequently accessed. EFS Infrequent Access (IA) storage costs only 8.3% ($0.025/Gb-Month) of the cost of Standard storage ($0.3/Gb-Month). These numbers are even lower for One Zone storage. By migrating infrequently used files to Infrequent Access Storage, you can save almost 92% in storage costs. Enabling EFS Intelligent-Tiering will use Lifecycle Management to monitor your workload access patterns, and automatically transitions files that are not accessed for a specified duration (e.g. 30 days) to Infrequent Access storage.

  1. Open the AWS EFS Management Console and select the file systems that you want to manage.
  2. On the file system details page choose Edit >> General settings page, which will show you:
  1. For Lifecycle management, you can change the following lifecycle policies:
    1. Set Transition into IA to one of the available settings.
    2. Set Transition out of IA to On first access to move files that are in IA storage to standard storage when they’re accessed for non-metadata operations.
  2. You have now enabled EFS Lifecycle Management.

If you don’t want to manually apply this fix across all your file systems, try CloudFix a simple automated solution.

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