How to Choose an AWS Consultant

Thinking of taking on board an AWS consultant? Pause. Do you know what to consider before choosing a consultant? Do you know the type of consultant you need? Find out more in this post on how to choose an AWS consultant.


“Do we even need an AWS consultant?” Ever had that thought? An AWS consultant is essential to a ‘rising and growing’ AWS setup, much like baking powder to a cake. Yet, you’ll (probably) misuse them. Don’t worry, everybody else does!

In this post, you’ll find everything you need to consider before engaging a consultant.

What to consider before choosing a consultant

Before a consultant walks in through that glass door, you need a few things in place.

  1. Happy to be on board!
    Moving to AWS requires everyone in your organization to be on board. If getting 100% comfortable seems daunting, take time and learn about AWS before you engage a consultant.
  2. Reinventing the wheel, are you?
    After deciding comes the research. There’s a high chance that a tool on the AWS Marketplace can solve your troubles. If someone has done it earlier, why fiddle around instead of using their solution?
  3. Call the experts!
    But if nothing works, or you still don’t know how to move forward, it’s time to call the experts! Use a consultant’s help immediately and let them handle what they do the best.

2 Types of AWS Consultants

Before you choose the right consultant, you must know what kind you need. About 10% of all AWS consultants are implementation specialists. The remaining 90% have advisory roles. So which one should you go with?

  1. Advisory consultants
    If you want to move to AWS, advisory consultants can help. They can also advise on your existing AWS environment and suggest the services to use.
    Most companies don’t have the technical depth needed to deal with the vast AWS footprint. If yours is one of them, hire AWS advisory consultants.
  2. Implementation consultants
    Want to move from GP2 to GP3? Or need help with EC2 M6i instances? Hire an AWS implementation consultant.
    They specialize in performing the changes you need, especially if you lack the expertise to do it yourself.

Benefits of using an AWS consultant

An AWS consultant can be an incredible asset for your company. Here’s why:

  1. Finish projects uninterrupted
    You can finish your interesting projects uninterrupted with an AWS consultant on board, freeing up time for other important tasks. How about *finally* sorting that planning board? Or completing that add-on course to improve your skills?
  2. Goodbye mental workload
    An AWS consultant’s experience and skills can help you implement complex services. Like EC2 AutoScaling Groups or S3 VPC endpoints. Their advice is a load-off for you. Let them do the heavy lifting, and let your engineers focus on what they do best.
  3. Incessant AWS announcements are…fun.
    Monitoring the latest AWS announcements and how they affect your organization can be monotonous and confusing. Not for an AWS consultant!

AWS is their area of expertise, and they understand how it works inside out.

Should you hire AWS consultants?

Consultants are vital and very valuable. But many, many organizations aren’t ready for one, or misuse the ones they have. Don’t be like them.. Download Stop Using AWS Consultants, Unless… and get the results you really want from your AWS consultants.

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