How We Made $150K Weekly Through AWS

Do you want to save money on your AWS bills? Of course you do, it’s a no-brainer. Let us tell you how we ended up saving $150K each week by optimizing our AWS environment.

It all began with analyzing our 45,000 AWS accounts and cloud bills. Our analysis revealed that we had been wasting thousands of dollars on our AWS overhead. Here’s how CloudFix helped us find and fix huge savings and how you can do it too.

What we found in our analysis of 45,000 accounts

Public cloud vendors have made it an easy task to provision resources in a few clicks. More often than not, this quick provision leads to cloud operating costs that override the benefits of moving to the cloud from a physical data center. According to the research conducted by S&P Global, organizations are leaving as much as $6 billion in cloud savings on the table.

Now, we discovered that cloud resource waste was not a one-off problem. It was continuous and AWS introducing new services and updates every day did not do much to help. There was a lack of clarity on how organizations actually used the AWS resources, which in turn affected the cost optimization. How do you reduce the waste if you do not understand where you are spending your money? And reducing the waste of resources while dealing with the firehose of AWS services and their announcements required precious, revenue-generating resources.

Not only was it challenging to find opportunities to save money, but realizing those costs became a Herculean task.

How we saved $150K on our AWS bills

When we found the opportunities to save money, we did what most organizations would do—went after the significant optimizations that could save us a big chunk of cash.

However, soon we realized that the bigger the optimizations, the bigger the risks involved and the friction coefficient between different departments. Significant optimizations meant that there would be substantial downtime and multi-level permission requirements from the leaders.

The solution? We went after the easy, simple, no downtime, no performance degradation optimizations. We thus created CloudFix—a simple product that looks for those small optimizations that organizations do not want to waste engineering hours on. CloudFix finds and fixes, saving you 10%-20% off your AWS bill within 5 clicks.

So high were our savings through CloudFix that we ended up saving $150K in a week on our annual $20M AWS spend! (Psst… Don’t miss what TechGenix said about us.)

What you should do to optimize your AWS expenses

To learn what our CEO Rahul Subramaniam had to say about AWS cost management and the mistakes your organization is making, head over to our latest eBook, “Enjoy Wasting Money With AWS?” Start saving now!

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