Migrate AWS ElastiCache to Graviton2: Get Immediate cost savings and performance benefits with no risks

Gain up to 57% better price/performance improvement by upgrading your ElastiCache instances to Graviton2.

Why upgrade?

Graviton2 instances are more performant and less expensive than x86 instances. Graviton2 can provide up to 57% improvement in ElastiCache price/performance, and they are 5% cheaper than current generation instances.

You can save even more by reducing the size of your instances. If you are using ElastiCache for Redis, enable the Auto Scaling feature to automatically resize your instances.

When to upgrade?

Are you running an M or R class ElastiCache cluster? Upgrade to Graviton2 instances to get better performance at a lower cost.

How to upgrade?

You can upgrade the instance using the AWS console. Select the Cache Cluster in the AWS Management Console and click on Modify.

Then select the new Node Type,

decide if you want to apply the change immediately, and click on Modify to make the change.

Upgrade Checklist:

  • The node type modification process is designed to make a best effort to retain your data – it replicates data to your new instance before removing the old instance. The instance modification only succeeds if replication was successful.
  • Manage your  reserved instances: If you have reserved instances, make sure that you can reallocate reservations on the old instance to some other workloads. For even greater savings, you might want to procure reserved instances for your new Graviton2 instance type.
  • You can upgrade Redis 5.0.6 + and Memcached 1.15.16+ to Graviton2 Instances with no downtime. You should upgrade lower versions to the latest version to take advantage of security and performance improvements.

If you want a simple automated solution, try CloudFix that can apply such fixes for you.

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