Reduce your storage bills by 20% in an afternoon by retyping your EBS volumes

You are probably overpaying for EBS storage.

Who is this for?

This is for almost everyone operating in AWS. EBS is a core service.

What are the expected cost savings?

Nearly 20% of your EBS spend, if it is not already optimized.

What are the cost drivers for EBS?

In decreasing order of impact:

  • Volume type
  • Volume size
  • Provisioned IOPS (gp3, io1/2)
  • Provisioned Throughput (gp3)

How should I decide which volume type I need?

Use the flowchart to determine how the volumes should be retyped.

How Hard Is It To Implement These Suggestions?

Very easy. No downtime at all. However, since volume configurations are being modified, they cannot be modified again for the next 6 hrs. This can be done using Modify Volumes in Volumes section of EC2 console.

Is it automatable?

Yes. CloudFix can also automatically find and fix your EBS volumes.

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