Reduce transfer costs by using S3 VPC endpoints

Do you want to reduce NAT Gateway Data Processing costs? Then you can check out S3 VPC endpoints. Check out this tech blog on how to achieve this cost fix.

When to apply this fix?

You should apply this fix if

  • Apps and services (EC2, EKS, Lambdas etc.) in your account access S3 buckets
  • If your compute resources are in a virtual private network (VPC)
  • You set up a NAT Gateway for your VPC

Why apply this fix?

Most likely all your S3 access is going over the public internet and you are getting charged for both

  • Egress traffic from S3
  • NAT Gateway traffic

This simple low-risk cost-fix will eliminate these unnecessary costs.

How to apply this fix?

  • Create a S3 VPC endpoint
  • Configure route tables
  • Add a bucket policy to allow access

You can do that using the AWS console. We will add detailed instructions in the Whitepaper. If you want a simple automated solution, try CloudFix that can apply such fixes for you.


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