Easy, AWS-approved savings –
that’s CloudFix.


Don’t put your cloud at risk. Every “fixer” from CloudFix is AWS-approved and based on their latest advisories.

CloudFix works across most top AWS services, adding new fixes regularly — so you can save and optimize everywhere, not just on storage or compute.

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How does CloudFix work?

CloudFix finds and fixes AWS-approved cost optimizations using minimal permissions and AWS Change Manager.

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Step 1: Install

Simply connect your AWS account and create Finder and Fixer IAM roles with restricted API permissions. You’re ready to go in 5 minutes.

Step 2: Find

CloudFix displays your available AWS-recommended, zero-risk optimizations, including the potential savings for each fix.

Step 3: Fix

Review your fixes in AWS Change Manager, then run them with just a few clicks. You can also configure CloudFix to deploy fixes automatically as they come in.

Save 15-60% per AWS service with CloudFix

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AWS issues 2,500 recommendations each year for cost and performance. CloudFix scans, automates, and executes 100% safe, AWS-recommended account fixes for optimal cloud hygiene.

CloudFix continually adds news fixes to its growing library to ensure you stay compliant with AWS recommendations. Each fix that enters CloudFix’s library must meet two criteria:

  1. It is zero risk and
  2. It has no associated downtime.

The result? CloudFix improves performance by 10-25% per AWS instance, offers 100% compliance with AWS best practices, and saves 15-60% per AWS service.

Why today’s most innovative companies trust CloudFix

Improve cloud costs and hygiene across your organization

With CloudFix, IT can:

  • Ensure compliance with AWS recommended optimizations.
  • Focus on the small savings that add up to significant cost and performance improvements.
  • Reallocate your time toward more resource-intensive projects and tasks.

With CloudFix, Finance can:

  • Instantly execute on AWS recommendations and save time and money.
  • See unit cost metrics decrease and high-value savings in your visibility tools.
  • Boost efficiency within your organization.

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