10 Important Cloud Cost Optimization Lessons Learned from Scanning 45K AWS Accounts

Learn why overspending on cloud storage is a common occurrence and how to identify cost optimization opportunities for your organization in our new eBook.


Where there’s a cloud, there’s also a high chance of unexpected costs. Public cloud vendors made it possible to provision resources in one click. As a result, cloud overspending happens in nearly every company.

After analyzing over 45,000 AWS accounts, we found that cloud resource waste is rarely a one-off event. It’s a continuous issue, but there are steps you can take to solve the problem and save money.

Our team learned a lot about reducing cloud costs throughout the development of our automated AWS cost management solution. Now, we’re ready to share those insights and help you reclaim pointless infrastructure spending.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Why cloud storage costs are so high in most organizations
  • How to optimize cloud spend on AWS
  • The 10 steps that play a key role in reducing cloud costs
  • How CloudFix identifies and fixes unnecessary cloud spending
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