Realizing AWS savings is hard. Everybody knows it.

We decided to do something about it.

Simply put, CloudFix is an automated AWS cost optimization tool. It constantly analyzes your cloud environment, so you’ll always have the latest savings opportunities. It’s also:


Risk Free


Easy to use

Super easy actually...

Keen to see how it works, and how much it can save you right now?


Here’s a little more detail about CloudFix, and how it saves you up to 20% on your AWS spend.


Simply connect your AWS account and create Finder and Fixer IAM roles with restricted API permissions. You’re ready to go in 5 minutes.


CloudFix displays your available AWS recommended, zero risk optimizations, including the potential savings for each fix.


Review your fixes in AWS Change Manager, then get those savings with 1 click. Or automatically run approved fixes as soon as they come in. The choice is yours.

And that’s it! Safe, secure, quick, and easy.

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