Webinar: Stop waiting for savings
Webinar: Stop waiting for savings

Webinar on Demand: Stop waiting for AWS savings

Optimizing AWS costs doesn’t have to take months (or years!) In this webinar, you’ll hear four foolproof ways that you can start spending less on AWS right now.

Highlights include:

  • How to modernize and right-size your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances
  • The simple way to slash Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) storage costs
  • Why default network configurations cost you 3x more
  • How to save 40% by migrating to Amazon Aurora databases

Join CloudFix CEO and AWS super fan Rahul Subramaniam as he shares his proven techniques to cut AWS costs quickly and easily. It takes time to build a FinOps practice – but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to start saving.

Watch the webinar today. See AWS costs go down on your next bill.

Rahul Subramaniam
Your host:
Rahul Subramaniam

CloudFix Founder and CEO

Rahul is Founder and CEO of CloudFix, and a board member of the FinOps Foundation. Throughout his career, Rahul has successfully migrated over 140+ enterprise software products to AWS. He has applied over 15 years of experience working with AWS services to create revolutionary products like CloudFix and DevFlows that transform how users build, manage, and optimize in AWS.