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Control AWS cost and complexity – simply, securely, and automatically

CloudFix makes it easy to keep pace with AWS innovation and best practices, automatically finding and implementing the 50+ advisories that AWS announces each week. The result: a more compliant cloud that performs better, costs less, and saves IT hours of manual fixes.


Achieve peak AWS performance with continuous, automated optimization

CloudFix complements your AWS cost optimization strategy with an always-growing library of Finders and Fixers that continuously delivers no-risk, no-down time improvements.

Control costs

Go beyond visualization tools with actionable insights

Unlike visualization tools and reserved instance marketplaces, CloudFix makes it easy to take action on the dozens of advisories released each week.

Reduce complexity

Eliminate one-time manual cost optimizations

CloudFix runs automatically in the background, so your IT team can focus on business value instead of tracking, testing, and implementing manual fixes.

Improve hygiene

Stay in compliance with AWS best practices

Compliance has never been more convenient. Every CloudFix Fixer is pre-vetted and tested in partnership with AWS to ensure zero risk and zero down time.

Realize powerful ROI with cost-effective cloud hygiene

With affordable pricing tiered by your AWS spend, CloudFix is a cost-effective tool to add to your AWS arsenal. By reducing costs and boosting IT productivity, it delivers powerful ROI on top of better cloud hygiene and compliance.