AWS Cost Optimization Made Easy

Save 20% off your AWS bill in as little as 5 clicks.

CloudFix makes AWS cost optimization easy to do, easy to trust and easy to control…get real savings immediately.



I don’t like to give perfect scores. In this case, however, I could not find anything wrong with CloudFix, nor could I think of anything that the software could improve upon. CloudFix does one thing and does it very well. Additionally, I absolutely love the fact that CloudFix is extremely easy to use and that it doesn’t expect you to manually... Read more

-- Brien Posey, TechGenix

The First No Bullsh*t Cloud Cost Optimization Tool

Most AWS cost savings from “experts” can’t be realized in practice. Too complicated. Too risky. Too expensive.
You get real savings with CloudFix because our fixes are:

1 Click to Approve Fixes

Only AWS Recommended Fixes

Deployed via AWS Change Manager

Easy to Do

  • CloudFix will only implement the fixes that you approve.
  • All new fixes go through AWS change manager, so you know that the changes are safe.
  • Start saving in just a few clicks… TODAY!

Easy to Trust

  • AWS recommends these fixes. CloudFix just deploys them at scale.
  • Only zero risk, nondisruptive cost optimizations.
  • Over 45K AWS instances monitored and optimized with no performance issues.

Easy to Control

  • Have fixes automatically executed, or review and approve manually.
  • We use AWS Change Manager to deploy fixes, so you know that the changes are safe.
  • Restricted API permissions. Encrypted data transfers. Rollback snapshots.

10 Lessons Learned from Scanning 45k AWS Accounts

Before we built CloudFix, we tried optimizing our own AWS costs using a wide range of manual approaches and 3rd party tools. Unfortunately, cost saving opportunities were missed far too often. And executing fixes for all the possible opportunities was just not a scalable option.

With 45k AWS accounts requiring cost optimization, we were highly motivated to build a powerful, yet simple solution: CloudFix.

This eBook shares the lessons we learned in this journey. We hope you can apply some of these lessons to streamline your own cloud cost optimization efforts.