CloudFix RightSpend

The Discount Optimization Solution for AWS

Welcome to RightSpend, the game-changer in managing AWS discounts. RightSpend provides Commitment Free Discounts (CFDs) in a way nobody else does.

Achieve up to 55% more savings without restrictive commitments

CloudFix RightSpend optimizes AWS discount programs to deliver maximum savings without giving up instance and commitment flexibility. With RightSpend, companies can achieve up to 55% additional savings compared to managing AWS discount programs themselves.

Customer Stories

How a Billion-Dollar EdTech Company Saved $27.8 Million with CloudFix RightSpend

Success Story

How a Billion-Dollar EdTech Company Saved $27.8 Million with CloudFix RightSpend

Discover how a leading EdTech company saved $27.8 million over three years with CloudFix RightSpend, unlocking funds for new high-growth projects without additional technical effort.

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Unparalleled Savings, Zero Commitment

Our CFD discount rates offer significant savings over 1-year Compute Savings plans and are even competitive with 3-year No Upfront Compute Savings Plans – all without commitment. 

Discount Approach




No Discount

Full Flexibility

1 YR Savings Plans

Moderate Discounts

No Flexibility


Large Discounts

Full Flexibility

3 YR Savings Plans

Max Discounts

No Flexibility

Always better than on‑demand

It is a no-brainer to let RightSpend optimize your on-demand workloads because RightSpend offers 20-55% discounts (net of fees) over on-demand instance pricing with no commitment.


Always better than 1Yr commitments

Instead of renewing your 1Yr commitments, switch to RightSpend to gain an additional 17-30% discount (net of fees) without the need to commit.

EC2 Discounts: Commitment Free vs. 1Y and 3Y Commit Savings Plans
EC2 discount chart

No Impact on Resources

Implementing RightSpend won’t impact your deployments or technical operations in any way. RightSpend also works around any pre-existing discounting plans that you might already have or might decide to continue. Your Cloud Cost Optimization strategy remains under your complete control.

Optimize Your AWS On-Demand Costs

At RightSpend, we’re committed to helping you save big on your AWS On-Demand costs, but on your terms. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your cloud spending.

How much can you save with RightSpend?

Reservation Type
Actual Costs
On-Demand Equivalent
Savings Plans [?]
Reserved Instances [?]
No Reservation [?]

Ready to get started?

In just three simple steps, you can start saving with CloudFix RightSpend.

  1. Sign up for a free 30-day trial. RightSpend is designed for enterprise organizations with over $20M in annual EC2 spend.
  2. Onboard RightSpend. RightSpend will securely set up permissions and optimization assets in your AWS Organization so it can analyze current usage and manage cRIs.
  3. Start realizing savings. 


Questions? Technical details are available after signing an NDA. We’d be happy to provide you with a RightSpend estimate and set up your 30-day free trial. Please fill in the form to find out more.