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CloudFix is priced for maximum value. Most CloudFix customers see positive ROI in their very first month — and the nonstop savings start compounding quickly.

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Includes a report specific to your AWS environment with:

  • How much you can achieve in immediate savings
  • Which fixers can be applied
  • Potential annual savings

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Achieve maximum AWS savings at massive scale

Includes all automated & consulting-driven fixers:

  • Professional plan fixers
  • Optimized EC2 delivering 20-25% savings
  • Consulting support with our team of AWS experts

* You will start with a free savings assessment, payment is only required when you decide to upgrade to a paid plan.

Real results you can bank on


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efficiency gains with automation


compliance with AWS best practices

AWS cost optimization you can trust

CloudFix makes it easy and affordable to go all-in on AWS. By optimizing costs and keeping up with best practices, your business can get more from existing AWS services and increase bandwidth to adopt new ones.

Jeremy Anderson, Cloud Architect
CloudFix saves us a tremendous amount of money with very little effort. Most of the other AWS cost savings tools we tried promised this, but CloudFix actually delivered.Jeremy Anderson, Cloud ArchitectConn’s HomePlus
Shawn Grant, President
It was fast and safe to connect our AWS account and let CloudFix run; it takes all the hard work out of finding and fixing the optimizations that AWS recommends that would just be too time consuming to perform manually.Shawn Grant, PresidentTokara Solutions