Reduce AWS costs easily and automatically

Add CloudFix to your AWS cost optimization arsenal for fast, risk-free savings.
Why CloudFix

Find and fix AWS cost optimizations, nonstop

CloudFix is the easy way to get more value from AWS. By automatically finding and implementing opportunities for cost optimization, CloudFix helps you save thousands (or millions) off your AWS bill while taking advantage of the latest AWS innovations.

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AWS cost optimization that everyone can agree on


With CloudFix, DevOps teams can:
  • Optimize your AWS environment with zero risk and minimal downtime
  • Automate the easy fixes so your team can focus on the tough ones
  • Deploy CloudFix in minutes, then scan automatically
  • Run CloudFix in your AWS account with no agent installed, so you can pass security and compliance standards with ease
  • Retain complete control using AWS tools to implement and automate fixes
100% immediate ROI
With CloudFix, you have the reassurance that the fixes it applies have been independently reviewed and validated. That made us confident that it wasn’t going to break anything.Simon Leach, Head of Cloud EngineeringVision Healthcare (Cegedim)


With CloudFix, FinOps teams can:
  • Save more money, faster, by tackling the “quick wins” of cost savings
  • Go beyond visualization solutions to take action on optimizations
  • Achieve ongoing, nonstop savings – not once-and-done results
  • Easily communicate suggested changes to your DevOps team
  • Realize powerful ROI with proven AWS-recommended cost savings


$57k in immediate savings
CloudFix has been a great complement to our cost optimization approach. It reduced costs across our enterprise, helping our teams and individuals reach our goals. I would 100% recommend CloudFix.Abdel Aboufariss, Sr. Cloud Solutions ArchitectRestaurant Brands International

IT Executives

With CloudFix, IT Executives can:
  • Find new ways to reduce AWS costs without adding more resources
  • Fill in the gaps in your existing cost optimization strategy and toolset
  • Realize both immediate and long-term savings
  • Optimize AWS costs quickly, easily, and securely
  • Automate AWS savings at scale so IT can focus on higher-value projects
$1M in annual savings
CloudFix has exceeded my expectations. Not only have we seen significant savings, but we have also implemented a repeatable, scalable process that is simple to institutionalize and expand.CIOWestern Digital

Cloud Architects

With CloudFix, cloud teams can:
  • Easily find and fix AWS-recommended savings opportunities
  • Introduce a new way to optimize your AWS spend
  • Complement your native AWS cost optimization tools with intelligent automation
  • Stay up to date with the latest AWS offerings
  • Ensure AWS best practices with a least privilege permission model
$85k savings in the first month
CloudFix saves us a tremendous amount of money with very little effort. Most of the other AWS cost savings tools we tried promised this, but CloudFix actually delivered.Jeremy Anderson, Cloud ArchitectConn’s HomePlus

Immediate savings with just a few clicks

It actually fixes, not just finds.

Don’t settle for a visualization tool that just shows you savings opportunities. With 50+ AWS advisories every week, you’ll never be able to keep up. That’s why CloudFix does all the work for you. You just approve the savings you want, and CloudFix achieves it instantly — saving you 15% – 60% per AWS service.

It’s simple, safe, and comprehensive.

Don’t put your cloud at risk. Every “fixer” from CloudFix follows AWS advisories and is extensively tested. CloudFix also works across most of the top AWS services and is adding new ones regularly, so you can save and optimize everywhere, not just on storage or compute.

It works nonstop.

CloudFix never stops finding new savings opportunities. It scans all the new services you add and resources you provision, and regularly helps you bank new savings with just a few easy clicks.

It’s compounding savings for your cloud.

Since AWS never stops publishing savings advisories — and CloudFix never stops automating them — your savings build like compounding interest. It’s the exact opposite of expensive consulting engagements or underwhelming visualization tools, where you pay big and only save once.

The no-brainer addition to your cost savings toolkit

CloudFix complements your existing AWS cost optimization tools, like AWS Cost Explorer or AWS Trusted Advisor, by automatically fixing the no-risk “quick win” opportunities that AWS recommends. It’s easy to deploy, easy to run, and always affordable, with immediate ROI. Savings thousands of dollars (or millions) in just minutes every week – that’s a no-brainer.

The world’s most innovative companies trust CloudFix

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