Finding savings: What is AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering?

Finding opportunities to save money on your AWS bill is crucial for businesses. If you are using AWS S3 storage then you should also have Intelligent-Tiering turned on for each bucket. There is no risk of down time and you can save considerably on your costs. Below is a quick overview.

AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering:

  • Is completely automated.
  • Monitors data access and automatically moves objects to cheaper storage tiers, if they have not been recently accessed.
  • Provides instant retrieval – there is no performance impact or service degradation.
  • Can be enabled on all buckets (pricing updates released in September 2021 eliminated the minimum storage duration and monitoring costs for small objects).
    Works easily with existing lifecycle policies. When there are multiple policies for a bucket, AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering will optimize for costs.
  • Requires no changes to the application. Data in the S3 is accessed as usual.
  • Can provide between 18% and 37% cost savings!

Realizing savings: How AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering lowers costs

To understand how AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering actually works, you can read more details here. You will also find instructions on how to manually fix each instance of your AWS S3 Buckets. It’s important to note that doing this manually will be effective, but probably not efficient.

Optimizing savings: Optimize AWS S3 more efficiently with CloudFix

Realistically, modern businesses need efficient solutions that are also cost effective. That is why we built CloudFix. CloudFix optimizes your AWS account safely by regularly monitoring usage and cost, searching for opportunities to realize risk-free savings. Not only does CloudFix monitor for these opportunities, but it will also fix them for you. This means that you can now be efficient as well as effective.

CloudFix not only monitors to look for S3 Intelligent-Tiering opportunities, but it also monitors for numerous others. Pulling from AWS’ own advisory blog for risk-free solutions, CloudFix filters through potential savings opportunities to find and present the right ones for your business. Introducing CloudFix to your business will optimize your AWS space to be more efficient, have better performance, and save you money.