They say first impressions last, and it’s already clear that CloudFix made quite the impression at AWS re:Invent 2021. Yes, every cloud-focused mind was in Las Vegas for AWS. The speakers. The insights. The upcoming innovations. But among the AWS noise, one voice stood out from the crowd and got everyone talking. CloudFix.

Our team hit the ground running, determined to ensure that anyone within spitting distance of re:Invent was left with one key question – what on earth is CloudFix? And with that question on their minds, our team was there to emphatically deliver the answer. During the event itself and at our own pop-up events we hosted during the week, we met thousands of people, all keen to learn more about what CloudFix can do for them and their organizations.

One of those people was Harikrishnan Umapathy, Senior Manager, Data Engineering at Beachbody. In his latest blog, AWS re:invent 2021 Experience — A Data Engineer’s perspective, he had this to say about CloudFix:

Bumped into the creators and marketing team of Cloud[F]ix and liked their simple yet powerful product offering which mainly focuses on low hanging fruits that can right away give you cost savings as easy as in 5 clicks. Well, we have heard of many such services year after year in re:invent, but the thing that stood out for me is that they just don’t identify the potential cost savings areas, but they also fix it, automagically for you. The marketing team of the company has done a stupendous job in grabbing everyone’s attention all over Vegas and make sure most of the attendees at least attended their demo once. For a fresh startup that just started 6 months back, this accomplishment especially in reaching out to so many people so efficiently, is huge. Good luck.

Harikrishnan Umapathy, Senior Manager, Data Engineering at Beachbody

To Harikrishnan Umapathy we say a huge thank you for talking with us at the event, and for this kind recognition of what CloudFix is all about. We were overwhelmed by the flood of demo requests, conversations, and positive sentiments we received from everyone we met. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far. But we’re just getting started, so strap in.

If you missed us at AWS re:Invent, or would like to find out more about what CloudFix can do, schedule a demo today!