Talk to an AWS user, and they’ll tell you how wonderful it is to move to the cloud. Flexibility, convenience, saved time, and massive growth potential. Who doesn’t like that?

Yet, more often than not, companies aren’t equipped to move to AWS. Hearsay, lack of knowledge, and poor cost optimization lead to, you know it鈥攍ong AWS bills. But, you can stop that. You can save your $$.

We present to you drumroll鈥擟loudFix. Brought to you by DevGraph.

CloudFix is an AWS Cost Optimization software made to save you time and money. It’s safe, secure, and automated.

How it all began

According to Gartner, cloud waste will reach $21 billion by 2021. The culprits are those pesky idle and oversized resources. You don’t need them, but they happen. Like ink stains on a white shirt. These overprovisioned resources often cost you thousands of dollars. But how do you identify and optimize them without disrupting the remaining infrastructure? It’s a catch-22.

And that’s where our journey began. At DevFactory, managing 40K+ AWS accounts was no walk in the park. Resource utilization was hard and inching towards becoming elusive. So, we did what most people do. We tried tools in the market.

These tools identified the underutilized resources but couldn’t help us optimize them. What’s one to do in that situation? We attempted to optimize the resources manually. We chipped away for a long time and worried about affecting our AWS infrastructure. Exhausted, we decided to create our own tool鈥擟loudFix.

How CloudFix Works

CloudFix does one thing and does it well. It finds resources to optimize and fixes them for you. What you get is a clean, safe, and cost-optimized AWS environment.

How to use CloudFix

  1. Create 2 IAM rolesCloudFix needs you to create 2 IAM roles with restricted API permissions. Thus, it stays out of other users’ accounts and cannot change anything without your approval.
  2. Let finders work their magicThe sophisticated CloudFix finders identify cost-saving opportunities in your AWS accounts. These opportunities are AWS recommended and don鈥檛 affect your infrastructure.
  3. Automated fixing, immediate $$$Then comes the fixing. Automated fixers optimize your account with one single click. Say yes to immediate savings! You can automate, check every recommendation, or schedule at off-peak hours.

To manage the entire process, you get a clean CloudFix dashboard. It lets you track real savings and audits every action performed.

CloudFix is a zero-risk, non-disruptive tool built to scale. For every million dollars we spend on accounts, we recapture $150K in savings each week. We did the numbers too. This is a whopping 52% cost reduction on our AWS bills!

Having extensively tested CloudFix for our 40K+ accounts, we鈥檙e now offering it to you. Because you deserve savings and more time to shake the world with your ideas. If you love predictable savings, you鈥檒l love CloudFix.

This is what sets us apart. We deliver you repeated savings every single week. We grew with AWS. We鈥檝e put in the time, learned lessons, failed, tried again, and ultimately succeeded.

Our Offer For You

CloudFix is a one-stop AWS cost optimization solution. It’s easy to use, non-disruptive, and secure. Curious to see how it works? Try CloudFix