Kingslake saves 10% annually with “set it and forget it” AWS cost optimization from CloudFix

Kingslake Success Story
You can set it and forget it. There is absolutely no reason not to have CloudFix running.

Dr. S. Dharmavasan

Chairman of Kingslake

How a multinational software company complements consultants with fast, easy AWS cost savings

Founded in 1994, Kingslake builds and delivers software that brings agility to manufacturing. From increasing visibility of operations to improving customer service, inventory management to transportation logistics, Kingslake is dedicated to helping its clients excel.

Inspired by its breadth of solutions, partners, and customer locations, Kingslake turned to the cloud early. They develop all their offerings using cloud and cognitive technologies and pass their stack’s OpEx-based pricing on to their customers. AWS is their backbone – but like many companies, Kingslake found that as it scaled up, its costs became increasingly hard to manage. Kingslake and the companies it serves needed a simple, cost-effective way to control their AWS spend.

“It all comes back to managing costs”: As AWS scales up, so does its spend

As the Chairman of Kingslake, Dr. S. Dharmavasan (Dharma to his friends) regularly consults with multinational companies that are household names — and he’s seen firsthand how AWS is transforming their businesses.

He’s also seen, however, how quickly costs can rise. “Major companies are using AWS for their most strategic business initiatives,” Dharma said. “AWS is so affordable and powerful to get started that the department heads dive straight in. Eventually, though, it all has to come back to managing costs.”

One of the most challenging parts of managing costs: keeping up with the sheer volume of AWS savings recommendations. According to Dharma, “With all these communications coming out of AWS, no one can keep up anymore.” It’s virtually impossible to not only track the latest updates, but manually implement them as well.

Kingslake and its customers save 10% on their annual AWS spend with CloudFix

Kingslake discovered CloudFix through its partnership with Aurea. Dharma and his team now use it themselves and recommend it even to their largest customers – all of whom save an average of 10% on their AWS spend. “Most companies aren’t using AWS as efficiently as they could be. That’s where CloudFix comes in,” Dharma said. “CloudFix brings every instance together to centrally manage how much you are using and spending.”

It’s incredibly simple to set up — it was a bit like just turning on an iPhone and letting it self-configure.

Dharma also likes how CloudFix makes it easy to keep up with the deluge of savings recommendations – and how easy it is to implement. “CloudFix keeps up with the bulletins and finds and fixes your top AWS-recommended savings opportunities. Plus, it’s incredibly simple to set up. It was like turning on an iPhone and letting it self-configure,” Dharma continued.

For Kingslake and its clients, CloudFix plays a vital role in a larger AWS savings strategy. Dharma explained, “Big companies tend to turn to consultants to look for AWS savings. CloudFix often makes more sense. It’s more affordable, it runs in the background, and it finds
and fixes only Amazon’s approved recommendations, so you know it’s safe.”

Perhaps Kingslake’s favorite thing about CloudFix? “You just set it and forget it,” Dharma said. “There is absolutely no reason to not have CloudFix running. It’s like virus scanning or malware protection, except it’s constantly fine-tuning AWS to implement Amazon’s latest recommended fixes. You can save your consultant budget for more complex projects.”

With CloudFix, Kingslake simplifies and streamlines AWS cost savings

At Kingslake, Dharma has big plans for CloudFix. “We’re excited to help take CloudFix even broader across Asia, entering countries like Malaysia and beyond,” Dharma concluded. “This will have tremendous value to medium and large businesses who have been using consultants. Even if it saves you 10 percent, that is a substantial savings on a very large number.”

CloudFix is affordable, it runs in the background, and it finds and fixes only Amazon’s approved recommendations, so you know it’s safe.

Save nonstop on AWS — easily and automatically.