Cloud Cost Fixing made easy: Save up to 50% by upgrading your AWS OpenSearch instances

Did you know that Graviton2 offers roughly 40% higher performance at a 10% lower cost? Depending on your use case, you can right-size your instances and cut costs almost by half. Check out this tech blog on how to achieve this cost fix.

Why upgrade?

Upgrading your OpenSearch instances to Graviton2 types allows you to cut costs twice. You get an immediate 10% reduction in costs. The performance gains allow for resizing, which can cut costs even further.

Performance gains

  • Indexing throughput: +38%
  • Indexing latency: -50%
  • Query performance: +30%

How do I upgrade?

You can upgrade the instance using the AWS console. We will add detailed instructions in the Whitepaper. If you want a simple automated solution, try CloudFix that can apply such fixes for you.

Supported versions

  • Version 7.9 and above: no-downtime upgrade
  • Version 7.x: low-downtime upgrade

Graviton2 instance types

  • General purpose (M6g)
  • Compute optimized (C6g)
  • Memory optimized (R6g, R6gd)


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