It’s Official — TechGenix Loves CloudFix

I could not find anything wrong with CloudFix, nor could I think of anything that the software could improve upon.

Brien Posey, TechGenix

When TechGenix gives you a 5-star rating, it is hard not to celebrate. TechGenix published their review of CloudFix, our first review, and we are over the moon about receiving such an exceptional response. Firsts are special, right? They hold an extraordinary place in our minds. We won’t brag by saying that CloudFix is perfect. But Brien Posey gave us a 5-star review. So we’ll take it.

Key Takeaways

The verdict is in, and it’s in your favor. CloudFix is a 1-click cost optimization tool that saves you money, time, and confusion on how to realize savings. But rather than us telling you all about it, here are five key takeaways from the TechGenix review:

  1. Transparency in savings
    CloudFix gives you savings estimates from Amazon’s publicly available documentation. Every recommendation made by CloudFix has Amazon criteria behind it which you can view through your dashboard. No inflated savings, no unrealistic recommendations.
    Each recommendation in CloudFix saves you a few dollars, which when accumulated, end up saving you thousands of dollars (or more) each year.
  2. No downtime
    Implementing cost savings should not affect your workload or put it in an unsupported condition. CloudFix avoids suggesting any such recommendation and sticks with the ones that can be run without impacting your cloud structure. If you want to implement the recommendations at non-peak hours, CloudFix lets you do that too.
  3. A quick and easy automated savings tool
    With CloudFix, your busy IT team can focus on what it does best and not spend any time figuring out how to optimize AWS. CloudFix is designed to be ready to work in five minutes and is very easy to use. You get a list of recommendations that you can choose to accept or reject. CloudFix automates the process of finding and implementing AWS cost reduction strategies so your teams can save time and money. If you want to implement them all, you can select all the recommendations and hit “run.”
  4. Saves idle resources
    Over-provisioned or idle resources can cost an organization thousands of dollars that yield no value in return. CloudFix analyzes your resources, your organization’s usage and recommends areas to save money.
    When these low-risk recommendations come a quick click away, it’s hard to resist the many benefits that CloudFix offers. Forget about spending money on idle resources.
  5. Suitable for organizations of any size
    CloudFix does one thing, and it does it brilliantly well. Organizations, big or small, can use CloudFix to find and fix AWS optimizations. Whether you are a multi-cloud AWS user or use AWS solely, CloudFix can optimize thousands of accounts using one dashboard and have an easy fix to save you money.

CloudFix is extremely transparent with regard to the way that they do things. Savings estimates are calculated from Amazon’s pricing tables, which are available to the public.

Brien Posey, TechGenix

If it’s not abundantly obvious, we’re honored to receive such a glowing review from Brien and TechGenix. Read the full TechGenix review now and see exactly what makes CloudFix worthy of 5 stars. And if you’re ready to cut up to 20% off your AWS bill, you can Start Saving Now!

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