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AWS consultants

How to Choose an AWS Consultant

Thinking of taking on board an AWS consultant? Pause. Do you know what to consider before choosing a consultant? Do you know the type of consultant you need? Find out more in this post on how to choose an AWS consultant.

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CloudFix Automates AWS Cost Optimization

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just run a program and save the company thousands of dollars per month in AWS cloud fees? A hero in the offing. StorageReview’s Brian Beeler attended re:Invent and met up with the fine folks of CloudFix, who have developed an excellent program that helps enterprises save on their AWS fees.

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Cost management

Top 5 Benefits of Migrating to AWS Cloud

Cloud migration is the process of transferring legacy infrastructure to the cloud. Organizations today are increasingly moving their digital operations and on-premise data centers to public cloud architecture. For companies migrating to AWS, it’s not a “why” but a “how

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