Get 15% better price performance by retyping your EC2 AutoScaling Groups

You can reduce EC2 costs simply by re-typing your instances. Is it risky? Yes, it is. Check out this tech blog on how to achieve this cost fix safely.


  • M5s are some of the most commonly used instance types on AWS.
  • M6i instances are powered by 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and deliver up to 15% better price performance compared to M5 instances.
  • M6i instances feature a 4:1 ratio of memory to vCPU, just like M5 instances and support up to 128 vCPUs per instance, which is 33% more than M5 instances.

When to apply this fix?

If you run M5 instances in an EC2 Auto-Scaling Groups (ASG).

Why apply this fix?

M6i instances offer 15% better price performance compared to M5. This leads to less instances needed and reduces costs. They support up to 128 vCPUs per instance which allows for higher scalability.

How to apply this fix?

Once the availability and upgrade compatibility are checked, this is an easy and secure cost fix. We will add detailed instructions and a complete checklist in the Whitepaper. If you prefer a simple automated solution, try CloudFix that can apply such fixes for you.

Why upgrade only M5 instances?

Doesn’t this cost-fix apply to other instances? Why didn’t we include those?

Other instance types introduce variables in the decision making process that make description of the migration process hard. We are all about making it easy. We start with M5 since it is one of the most widely used instance types in AWS.


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