3 Months of CloudFix for Free!? It’s a celebration!

Earlier this week we announced that we are offering 3 months of CloudFix for free. We hope that you get to take advantage of this awesome opportunity! In this post, I wanted to distill some of the questions that we have received and list our answers:

What are the limitations in place during the 3 month trial?

None! During the trial, you have access to the full CloudFix suite of Finders/Fixers. It is exactly as if you had a paid subscription, but for free. We want you to use and understand the product, and we are confident that you will see value beyond the 3 month trial.

Do my savings go away after the 3 month trial is over?

Not at all. Our Finder/Fixers work by applying remediations such as right-sizing, deleting idle resources, switching managed services to Graviton, etc. Once you have applied the fix, it stays fixed.

Why not simply apply ALL of the Finder/Fixers during the trial?

You certainly could apply as many of the Finder/Fixers as you feel comfortable with during the trial. In fact, we challenge you to see how much savings you can get during the trial!

Why are we confident that you will see value after the trial if you can get all of the savings for free?

Because finding savings is a continuous process. There will always be change occurring in your AWS account, and new features and services are constantly being added to AWS itself. For example, when GPU support was added to AWS Compute Optimizer, within the week we released a Finder/Fixer to optimize GPU-powered instances according to AWS鈥 own recommendations. The only way to save consistently is with continuous automation. This means that there will always be new ways to save.

Can I try CloudFix on a single AWS account, rather than an Organization?

Our blog posts and documentation reference AWS Organizations and 鈥淢aster Payer Accounts.鈥 CloudFix is well suited to scanning an entire AWS Organization and deploying the savings across all subaccounts. We understand that deploying on the Master Payer Account may require an extensive amount of coordination, and we are happy to walk you through that process. However, CloudFix is perfectly suited to work on an individual account as well. Be sure to select the 鈥淪ingle Account鈥 option during our simple onboarding process.聽

What size accounts is CloudFix suited for?

We have used CloudFix successfully on AWS Organizations with thousands of subaccounts. With Organizations of this size, CloudFix claws back millions in savings every year! On the smaller side, CloudFix is best suited for accounts that exceed $80K of monthly spend, and utilize multiple AWS services. The free trial is the perfect opportunity to see what you can save. If you are below that size, we still encourage you to give CloudFix a try and see where the savings opportunities exist in your AWS account.聽

This seems too good to be true! What is the catch?

We believe in being transparent! We want you to try CloudFix, love it, see the value, and become a loyal customer. Also, with the free trial you can try CloudFix in a subset of your organization. We are confident that you will see the savings and ease of use, and help make the case for deploying CloudFix across your enterprise. Also, we will ask for your feedback about CloudFix – what you like, what you didn鈥檛 like, and what we can do better to make CloudFIx the best tool for automated AWS cost optimization.

How do I sign up?

Click here and click on the 鈥淪tart your free savings assessment鈥 button.

I have more questions and want to talk to a human

Fill out the 鈥Contact Us鈥 form and we will get back to you, or鈥

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