At CloudFix, we deeply believe that AWS is the operating system of the future. It’s why we built our cost-saving solution solely for AWS – and why we’re now launching a new partner program to make it easier for even more AWS customers to drive innovation while controlling costs.

It’s no secret that the business case for the cloud has changed. As the shift to AWS accelerates, it’s clear that the real advantages are speed and innovation. Moving to the cloud does not automatically reduce costs. Instead, organizations must balance innovation and cost optimization to harness the power of AWS without losing control of their finances. That’s where CloudFix comes in.

In fact, it’s how CloudFix was born. As early adopters in 2008, we quickly faced the reality that our AWS spend wasn’t going to manage itself. Rather than dedicate an entire engineering team solely to AWS cost optimization, we developed a simple, automated way to reduce costs by both finding AND implementing AWS-recommended opportunities for cost optimization. We named it CloudFix, and we’ve used it to save millions of dollars on our annual AWS spend and maintain our relentless focus on innovation.

We’re proud that CloudFix is now helping some of the world’s top companies reduce their AWS costs nonstop. As CloudFix grows, we’d love to share the opportunity with key partners. Our ideal partnerships are with fellow AWS advocates who are passionate about the ecosphere — about sharing learnings and best practices, trading areas of expertise, and above all, collaborating to give customers even more value from CloudFix and AWS as a whole. 

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the CloudFix Strategic Partner Program. Participating in the program will enable qualified AWS partners to add fast, automated cost savings to their tool belts so they can focus on facilitating their customers’ Next Big Things. It’s our way of further supporting and solidifying the AWS ecosystem, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

We’re kicking off the CloudFix Strategic Partner Program by announcing our partnership with TelcoDR, an AWS-only telco specialist. TelcoDR enables telecommunications organizations to unlock the power of AWS – and now with CloudFix, it helps them keep costs under control while they’re transitioning to the cloud.

If you’re an AWS partner interested in joining forces with CloudFix, get in touch with Garett Smith, VP Partnerships. We can’t wait to empower even more companies to maximize their investment in AWS.